Learn about the exciting features NanoNests have to offer

Sustainable, futuristic tiny homes that perfectly balance design and innovation. Delivered fully built, NanoNests are the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

Interior of NanoNest

The interior design of NanoNests is an embodiment of thoughtful design, evident in every detail. From the carefully chosen materials to the furniture arrangement, every element is curated to transcend the ordinary. So whether you're unwinding in the cozy living room or preparing a meal in the stylish kitchen, you'll feel the embrace of both comfort and functionality.

Beyond aesthetics, the NanoNest interior is an expression of your individual lifestyle. Our team of expert designers collaborate with you to understand your preferences, creating spaces that resonate with your unique way of life. It's not just about visual appeal; it's about spaces that adapt to your routines and reflect your personality. Together, these rooms narrate your story within your NanoNest's walls.

Floor Plans of NanoNest

NanoNest floor plans are designed to meet innovation and your lifestyle aspirations. Our meticulously designed layouts are a testament to modern living at its finest.

NanoNest Specifications

Item Specification
Dimensions 38.1 x 7.4 x 8.1 feet (length x width x height)
2 x 3.15 inch galvanized steel square pipe + 80u galvanized layer (60u is US Standard)*
Exoskeleton 2 mm thick aluminum plating
Insulation 2 inch thick rock wool insulation + inner layer of 1/3 inch thick bamboo wood fiber board
Electrical Appliances

2 LED lights


US standard 3 plugs

Electric control box

Glass Door

Glass folding door on front (24.41 inches x 88.58 inches x 36 inches)

Glass fixed wall (0.20 inches + 0.35 inches + 0.20 inches thickness)

Subfloor 1 inch cement fiber board
Floor Covering 1/5 inch high temperature SPC locking floor (heat tested)
Decorative Wall Panel 1/3 inch bathroom wall panel + 1/3 inch waterproof wood trim
Bathroom Floor Ceramic tile (non-slip specs)
Electrical and Plumbing Installation (Preinstalled) Pre-installed electrical wiring and drainage system (NEC Compliant)

Matte black shower (with black ABS buttons)

Rainfall Shower Head + Hand Sprayer

Thin copper for hot and cold

Toilet US standard ceramic toilet
Bathroom Door Aluminum alloy frosted glass door

10 ceiling lights x 2 electrical boxes

8 electrical switches

Sink & Mirror Cabinet 23.6 x 19.7 x 35.5 inch
Back Door 1/2 inch tempered glass sliding door (3.3 feet wide)
Windows 47.3 x 55.2 inch (double glass: 0.2 + 0.4 + 0.2 inches)

Cabinet: Composite board

Countertop: artificial stone table top, sink + electric stove included (67 x 20 x 33.5 inches)

Blinds Customized Automatic Blinds
Addition: Reinforced Stackable + Walkable Roof

Galvanized square pipe on top of the original top steel frame

Layer of 2/3 inch thick flame retardant plywood

Upgraded outermost aluminum plate (38.1 x 7.4 feet)

Nanonest Features

Nanonest kitchen
Full Sized Kitchen
Nanonest living room
Full Bathroom
Nanonest living room
Property Size
280 Sq ft
Nanonest living room
Integrated Electricity & Water systems
Nanonest living room
Living Room
Nanonest living room
Bed Room
Nanonest living room
AC Installed
Nanonest living room
Customized Automatic Blinds
Nanonest living room
Mold Resistant
Nanonest living room
Fire Resistant
Nanonest living room
Bug Resistant
Nanonest living room
Wind/Hurricane Resistant
Nanonest living room
Water Resistant

Packing and Unloading Nanonest on Order

We provide a comprehensive solution for purchasing and delivering our products. Our factory prepares materials and production based on your specific requirements and design plans. We ensure timely delivery within the specified timeframe. You have the flexibility to choose your preferred mode of transportation or entrust us with the logistics. Typically, our products are transported using flatbed trucks and securely loaded into shipping containers using the appropriate cranes. Installation is generally completed at the factory, and the entire shipment is delivered as a ready-to-use unit. However, depending on the project requirements, individual modules may be shipped to the product location for on-site assembly.

1. Production and processing.

Upon order confirmation, we'll promptly initiate production. With six advanced production lines in our state-of-the-art facility, we guarantee efficient construction and delivery. Expect a turnaround of 2 months: 30 days for production and another 30 for delivery.


2. Packing for transportation.

Your order comes with complimentary doorstep delivery. Each NanoNest is meticulously packed and transported in a 40-foot high-rise container, ensuring not only its safe arrival but also preserving the integrity of the product.

3. Installation.

Your NanoNest is delivered to your door fully assembled and ready to move in. Upon the NanoNest arriving at your address, a team will need to remove the product from the container and lift it into your predetermined location. If you do not have a team to install the product, we can assist with one of our own installation teams.


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